About The Company

Quickframe is a platform for short form original video. Creators use Quickframe to get paid to produce videos while brands and publishers use Quickframe to acquire original video content at scale. Our goal is to fully democratize the content creation process by allowing any business, brand or individual to acquire original video on-demand or to be paid to create original content on-demand. Our mission is to develop a highly transparent, transactional and liquid value exchange that facilitates the funding, direction and ultimately production of short form original video content.

Quickframe is a New York City based startup financed and accelerated by Broadway Video Ventures. Broadway Video is the parent company of Broadway Video Ventures and is a multimedia entertainment studio founded by Lorne Michaels, creator of the sketch comedy TV series, Saturday Night Live and producer of other television of programs and movies (The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon, Late Night w/ Seth Meyers, etc).

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