Creator Pricing Guide

As a platform for original video creation, Quickframe helps sponsors and creators ideate, create and manage video projects. An important aspect of the video creation process is deciding on a price.

In some cases, the sponsor will set a price and your job is quite simple - either create a video for the given price or decline. In other cases, such as applying to a video request or submitting a video pitch, you as the creator define an asking price. But how do you decide what is a reasonable price?

Every video project is different and every creator has a different level of ability and experience but below is a rough breakdown of typical prices for videos on Quickframe as a whole based on the production quality of the video.

video quality

Quality 1: Basic Videos

$50 - $200 Average Price Range
Social network style. Clear sound, minimal editing and basic graphics.
Example Videos:
Most Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous Movie Star Homes
Back to the Future Fun Junkie
No is Boring
video quality

Quality 2: Edited Videos

$150 - $600 Average Price Range
YouTube style. Basic sound design, editing and animated graphics.
Example Videos:
Fresh is Best
Silver Crystallization Timelapse
Away - The Perfect Luggage
video quality

Quality 3: Pro Videos

$500 - $3,000 Average Price Range
Web series style. Professional camera work, sound design, lighting, editing and graphics.
Example Videos:
Uncap Your Adventure - Episode 04 Snowboarding
Midnight Mojito & En Fuego // 21st Birthday Party!
Harry Potter Midnight Magic Event Live