Creator FAQ

Below you will find frequently asked questions for Quickframe creators


What kind of creators are you REALLY looking for?

Clients use Quickframe to find creators for everything from short form digital series to broadcast commercials, BUT the bulk of our video requests are for "hyper short form" content.

We made that term up btw, but essentially, hyper short form videos are 3- to 17-seconds long, super engaging and creative, and meant for distribution on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Whether you're an animator with years of agency experience, a recent grad who just bought their first DSLR, or a Producer-Shooter-Editor itching to make stuff with your new GoPro, drone, Red or OZO, we've got opportunities for you.

Do you guarantee payment?


If a buyer approves your proposal and you deliver the video(s) agreed upon, we will pay you within 2 weeks of delivery. None of the hassles, invoices or mind-numbing administrative stuff that usually comes with working with the world's largest brands and their agencies.

Can you explain Quickframe?

No problem. We want to help creators who love making short, shareable, engaging social content get more work.

We spend our days preaching the gospel of hyper short form video to major brands and publishers - helping them see and evaluate the value of continuous content creation, as well as helping them work efficiently with tons of different creators like yourself to delight their digital audiences.


Brands and publishers ("Buyers") asked us to intro them to creators in order to make the production of short form video we took it a step further and created a platform to inspire creative thinking, showcase good work, kickstart development, manage production, track performance, and pay everyone.

Buyers make video requests. Quickframe routes those requests to creators. Creators produce, deliver and get paid.

How old do I have to be to use Quickframe?

You must be at least 13 years old.

Who are buyers?

Buyers are the people and companies who pay for original videos to be produced by Quickframers. They're anyone who wants to acquire video content...and as of mid-2017, our list of Buyers include several Fortune 100 & Fortune 500 brands, as well as some very exciting start-ups.

How are ya'll related to Broadway Video & R/GA?

We're not. Not by blood anyway. But Broadway Video, the legendary production company behind SNL and R/GA, the powerhouse creative agency behind much of Nike, Samsung and Verizon's best work, are both investors in us and believers in our mission to empower the next generation of video producers with a constant flow of paid opportunities!

...we can't get you interviews or auditions with either.

What is my Quickframe channel?

Your Quickframe channel functions as your resume on Quickframe. You can upload videos showcasing your abilities and fill out your bio so that sponsors can find and send you video requests on the platform. Our recommendatin is that you show breadth of skills, style and tone!

Why should I put my videos up on my Quickframe channel?

Publishing your original videos on your Quickframe channel is the best way to showcase your talents to sponsors. Additionally, you’re helping keep your work top-of-mind for sponsors, making it more likely that sponsors will send you requests and pay you for your work.

Once submitted to a sponsor, what are my videos being used for?

Sponsors are typically using creator-submitted videos from Quickframe to share across their brands' social media channels to promote their own brands and product offerings. Videos from creators may also be integrated into other promotional assets produced by sponsors, such as digital video advertisements, TV commercials and more.

What is creator rank and how is it calculated?

Creator rank reflects a creator’s overall popularity and success against all other video creators on the site. Creator rank is calculated using an algorithm that combines data on the number and quality of your uploaded videos, the completeness of your channel, social engagement and video views generated from your videos and feedback from sponsors that you have worked with.

Are you an MCN (Multi-Channel Network)? By signing up, what am I getting myself into?

No, we are not. Quickframe is a no-obligation, non-exclusive platform where you can be paid by sponsors for original video on an as and when basis. You have a direct relationship with these sponsors through the platform and Quickframe provides this connection. There are no contractual obligations and no fees associated with being a creator on our platform (and there never will be!). By signing up and setting up a channel, you are showcasing your work as a creator and increasing the likelihood to be approached by sponsors with paid video opportunities.

Ownership Rights

Who owns my videos submitted on Quickframe?

By submitting your video you are agreeing to our creator terms which states that you and the video sponsor possess joint non-exclusive ownership. Both you and the sponsor are free to use and share the video.

Can I submit a video that I have not created myself to a Quickframe request?

No. As a rule of thumb, all videos submitted on Quickframe stand to compensate the creator and must be produced by the individual submitting the video. Creators found submitting work they don't have the right to be compensated for will be permanently banned from Quickframe.

Can I upload a video to my channel that I don't own the exclusive rights to?

Yes. Very often, creators won't own the exclusive rights to a video they either appear in and/or have helped to produce. It is acceptable to upload pre-existing videos to your channel that you may not own the exclusive rights to.

Can I put music in my video?

Yes but only if you own the rights to the music or have obtained the music from a royalty free, no credit and no attribution resource. Bottom line: if you aren't sure whether you can use a music track then don't use it.

Where can I obtain royalty free, no credit, no attribution music?

YouTube offers a nice selection here: Make sure to filter for "Attribution not required!"

Working With Sponsors

How will I know if a sponsor has sent me a video request?

You will be notified in two different ways when a sponsor sends you a video request. First, an email notification will be sent to your inbox at the email address associated with your Quickframe account. From the email, you can click through to submit your video once it’s ready. Secondly, a notification will appear in your Quickframe inbox on the website and within the mobile app. You must be logged in to your Quickframe account in order to see the notification.

I received a notification from a sponsor for a request to edit my video. What does that mean?

Sponsors will often ask for edits upon viewing your submitted video. Edits will typically be sent along by a sponsor for branding reasons. If you receive edits, don't worry! The sponsor is just trying to ensure that you're producing the ideal video that meets their needs and showcases your exceptional skills as a video creator. When you receive an edit, you can reply to the sponsor with any follow up questions and re-submit your edited video in the same way that you submitted your original video.

Do I have to re-edit my video upon sponsor request to receive payment?

You do not have to re-submit your video if you do not want to and you will still get paid. Failure to at least acknowledge sponsor requests, HOWEVER, may affect your ability to use Quickframe in the future and will definitely affect your creator ranking.

How should I share my videos on social media after I've uploaded them to Quickframe?

Once you've uploaded a video to Quickframe and it has been approved by the sponsor (as applicable), we will send you an automated email to confirm that the video is live on Quickframe and you are free to share it. When sharing videos you've produced that are sponsored, please keep in mind each social platform's guidelines on sharing sponsored content. Additionally, be mindful of any unique types of language or hashtags that the sponsor would prefer you use in your posts, which will be included in the brief or expressed over direct messaging with that sponsor.

Do I have to share my video after it is approved?

If the video request has an associated social campaign then you are required to share your video on one or more agreed upon social channels. For other campaigns, you are not required to share your videos, HOWEVER, failure to do so will negatively affect your creator ranking. Sponsors are provided with social engagement data and are willing to pay more money for creators that share their videos to their own highly engaged social channels.

What is a video pitch?

Quickframe allows creators to pitch videos directly to sponsors. When pitching an idea, creators will be asked to describe the theme/topic of the video, determine the price of the video, and provide other important details. Once the pitch is submitted, the sponsor will accept or decline the pitch. If accepted, the creator will then be paid for their video by the sponsor once submitted.

As a creator, how do I unlock the ability to pitch video ideas to sponsors?

You must have at least 3 videos on your channel in order to pitch. This enables sponsors to see the quality of your work and make a decision to sponsor or decline your pitch.


How do I add a payout method?

Navigate to account settings > payout and add a bank account or PayPal account. Once that is complete you will be paid automatically per video. It may take up to 7 business days for your payment to fully process and arrive in your account.

Which types of bank accounts can I add?

Any US-based bank account will work.

What type of personal information do you need to pay me?

For PayPal simply add your email address and you are all set. For bank account payouts, we may need additional information such as your first and last name, address and other personal details. You will be prompted for exactly which types of personal information we require once you add your bank account.

Is your website and payout process secure?

The entire Quickframe website utilizes the most up-to-date SSL/TLS methods to ensure a secure connection. All payments are handled by our secure payments processors Stripe and PayPal.

Am I guaranteed payment for my video submission?

For video requests and video pitches, as long as you follow the basic requirements then you will receive payment. Quickframe reserves the right to reject payment if your video does not meet our basic quality and content guidelines.

How long does it take to receive my payout?

Once videos have been approved and shared (as applicable), Quickframe will pay the creator via our secure payments process. Funds should arrive within 14 days.

What happens if I do not add a payout method?

Payouts are canceled if no US based bank account or PayPal account is added within 30 days. If you have trouble adding a payout method please contact us.

I have waited 14 days but I have still not received my payout. Who do I reach out to?

Please reach out to a member of the Quickframe team or utilize our Contact Form ( to assist you with your payment query. Please do not message the sponsor of your video with any money related concerns, as they will just defer to us.