How It Works
Quickframe is a platform for short form original video at scale. Creators use Quickframe to get paid to produce videos while buyers use Quickframe to purchase videos. Let's take a look at how the process works...

Paid Video Opportunities

Paid video opportunities, also referred to as video requests, are started by companies or individuals that want to acquire videos. The sponsor defines their video needs and then eligible creators submit, generally for monetary payment. Sponsors typically acquire videos to post on their social accounts or websites.

Eligibility. There are three ways that creators can be eligible to submit to a video request:

  • Apply. Many requests allow creators to submit an application. Applications include a price, video description and example video. The sponsor then evaluates the applications and invites one or more creators to submit.
  • Invite Only. Some requests are invite only. Sponsors will decide which creators they want to invite and at what price point.
  • Any (Unpaid). For unpaid video requests, all creators are eligible to submit.

Create. Creators must follow the full video request requirements, including video attributes and content restrictions, when creating their video. Browsing the sponsor's channel and example videos to deeply understand their tastes is highly recommended. Many sponsors will provide assets, such as logos and fonts, and it is required to utilize these as provided.

Submit. Eligible creators have until the deadline to submit a video.

Edit. Once videos have been submitted, sponsors may ask for edits. Creators should simply message the sponsor with questions and then re-submit edited videos. Expect at least one round of edits. Edits can be submitted even after the video request deadline has passed.

Approve / Decline. Sponsors will approve videos when they are satisified with the final product. In rare circumstances, sponsors will decline videos, which means that the video will not be utilized by the sponsor and the creator is not supposed to share (as applicable). For declined videos, as long as the video request requirements have been followed then the creator will still be paid for their work.

Share. Some requests have a related social campaign which means that the completed video needs to be shared by the creator on one or more social networks as specified in the request. Include any provided hashtags, share language or shareable URLs.

Payment. Once videos have been approved and shared (as applicable), Quickframe will pay the creator via our secure payments process. Funds should arrive within 14 days but are canceled if no US based bank account or PayPal account is added within 30 days.

Ranking. Quickframe algorithmically ranks creators based on a variety of factors such as video quality, speed of creation, communication with sponsors and popularity of shared videos. Creators with higher rankings attract more future video creation opportunities.

Read our Creator Terms, follow our Creator Tips and Contact Us if you have further questions.

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