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Have an idea for a video? Describe your video, your price and choose one or more sponsors to pitch. Read Creator FAQ - Working With Sponsors to learn more.
video payout
video pitch expiration
Expires (max 60 days)
video pitch duration
Once a sponsor agrees to buy your video, you have this many days to submit your video. If you miss your deadline then you will not be paid and may be blocked from submitting pitches in the future.
Production (max 30 days)
video pitch category
video quality
Raw footage only. Do not include music, graphics or complex editing.
Instagram style. Minimum 480P video resolution. Audio quality should be clear.
YouTube style. Minimum 720P video resolution. Audio should be clear and Include editing as necessary.
Professional web series style. Ideally 1080P video resolution. Include professional lighting, editing and sound design.
Video Quality
content rating
G - General Audience
Nothing that would offend parents for viewing by children
PG - Parental Guidance
May contain some materials parents may find objectionable for young children
PG-13 - Parental Guidance-13
Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers
R - Restricted
Contains some adult material
Content Rating
video duration
Video Duration
video pitch visibility
Public pitches are visibile to all. Private pitches are visible only to sponsors you select.
Pitch Video
A pitch video will better help explain what you plan to create. This is important in helping sponsors evaluate your pitch.
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