NYC Neighborhood Montage

Video Request by NextGenRealEstate

This opportunity is for a NYC-local Cinematic DP to make one (1) 30-45 sec neighborhood sizzle video (cut to Wide & Square.)
For this project, we're working with a next-generation real estate company to entice prospective buyers and renters to find their new home in one of New York City's most exclusive and desirable neighborhoods.

It's all about being able to captuer beautiful and compelling shots that capture the lively and appealing aspects of the neighborhood. We are looking for DP's with a cinematic flair and eye for beautiful composition.

Here is a summary of the key points to give you a taste of the brief:

Video Takeaway : "This neighborhood has tons of great places to live around, shop at, and dine-in, and having seen the best of it - from panoramas, to local community culture and desirable properties - I can see myself buying or renting here." (ie. It should leave potential buyers fantasizing about living in that area)

Tone : Luxe-but-authentic, A love letter to the neighborhood that makes you aspire to live there

Featuring : Polarized lens filter, shooting in 23fps, timelapse shots

Video Request Ended
This video request has ended and the sponsor is no longer accepting submissions
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Make sure to follow all of the following requirements so that your video is accepted
3 - Pro
Video Quality
Professional web series style. Ideally 1080P video resolution. Include professional lighting, editing and sound design.
Travel & Leisure
Keep your video within the broad video category
Content Rating
Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers
Video Aspect
Video can be shot in portrait, landscape, square or any other common aspect ratio
< 1 Minute
Video Duration
Your video must be less than the specified duration

Videos can be rejected for any of the following reasons...

Audio Quality
Audio is too low in volume, inaudible or suffers from other general issues such as frequent pops or clicks
Copyrighted Audio
All audio tracks included in videos must be original or royalty free so as not to conflict with copyright law
Video starts or ends abruptly, contains excess start or ending run time or other general editing issues
Not Original Content
All video content submitted to Quickframe must be original content owned by the creator
Off Topic
Video does not adhere to the general guidelines outlined in the title, description or promotional video (when applicable)
Visual Quality
Video is low resolution, has poor lighting or other generally negative visual characteristics

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The following videos serve as examples of the types of videos that NextGenRealEstate is looking to sponsor. Your goal should be to match the quality, asthetic and tone of these videos unless the video request states otherwise.