UFC 2 Top Moments Of The Week

Video Request by imav3riq

Submit your best UFC 2 clip. Keep it under 1 minute long and without any edits. Cell phone footage is fine, just please turn your phone horizontal when recording so the TV fill the entire shot. Top 5 videos will be posted on my weekly countdown on my YouTube channel: http://YouTube.com/imav3riq

Video Request Ended
This video request has ended and the sponsor is no longer accepting submissions
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Make sure to follow all of the following requirements so that your video is accepted
1 - Basic
Video Quality
Instagram style. Minimum 480P video resolution. Audio quality should be clear.
Keep your video within the broad video category
Content Rating
Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers
Video Aspect
Video must be shot with a landscape aspect ratio
< 1 Minute
Video Duration
Your video must be less than the specified duration

Videos can be rejected for any of the following reasons...

Audio Quality
Audio is too low in volume, inaudible or suffers from other general issues such as frequent pops or clicks
Copyrighted Audio
All audio tracks included in videos must be original or royalty free so as not to conflict with copyright law
Video starts or ends abruptly, contains excess start or ending run time or other general editing issues
Not Original Content
All video content submitted to Quickframe must be original content owned by the creator
Off Topic
Video does not adhere to the general guidelines outlined in the title, description or promotional video (when applicable)
Visual Quality
Video is low resolution, has poor lighting or other generally negative visual characteristics

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