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MAIN OBJECTIVE: Support Freshpet's current "Letters" campaign TARGET AUDIENCE: Women ages 25-50 who are pet parents (cat and/or dog).They want to do what’s best for their pets, and care about what goes into their pets’ food – so they make conscious decisions about which food to buy.

BRIEF: Fresh, real food has a transformative effect – beyond any other dog food – from radically improving your dog’s overall health & appearance, to breathing new life into a dog with compromised health. The end result is a happy healthy dog, a parent who feels they’ve done their best, and a visibly strong bond between pet and parent. Freshpet is looking for stories that highlight these transformative benefits (for example, Increased energy - better coats - Improved digestion - Picky eater approved - Allergy relief - Healthier weight). These stories should be shared with sincerity – imperfections and all, and feel deeply personal and heartfelt. Videos should display the genuine relationships between pet parents and their pets, by incorporating shots of everyday life/the better lifestyle they have with their pet since incorporating a fresh, healthy diet. Videos can mimic the format above (no v/o) or include voice-over.

GUIDELINES: Must include “Dear Freshpet” in beginning. Voiceover (ok) Background music (yes) Logo (no) Script example: -"FJ was such a picky eater! Most days she would choose to not eat her food, which for a 7lb Yorkie isn't a good option. We tried three different types of food until the food rep at Petco suggested Freshpet. FJ LOVED IT!! She gobbled it down in no time! After a week, her activity levels increased and her hair and skin looked great! We love Freshpet!"

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Professional web series style. Ideally 1080P video resolution. Include professional lighting, editing and sound design.
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Animal Cruelty
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Come from your point of view. -"So you guys know that my dog Archie was in a bad place, his dry dog food made his skin itch and we just couldn't find a food that helped his allergies. I'm glad to say I finally found a brand with great grain-free recipes to help my little pup Archie, just take a look at his amazing transformation!"

Real pet food, fresh from the fridge Visit Freshpet's channel

The following videos serve as examples of the types of videos that Freshpet is looking to sponsor. Your goal should be to match the quality, asthetic and tone of these videos unless the video request states otherwise.

Fresh is Best
Fresh is Best
Fresh is Best
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Letters in Motion Animatic [#2]
Dogs ♥ Freshpet Vital Whole Blends Food Topper! [#2]
Dogs ♥ Freshpet Vital Whole Blends Food Topper! [#2]
Dogs ♥ Freshpet Vital Whole Blends Food Topper! [#2]
Dogs ♥ Freshpet Vital Whole Blends Food Topper!
That's What Pet Food Looks Like? [#5]
That's What Pet Food Looks Like? [#2]
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