How Do You Get Your Textbooks - New, Used, or Rental?

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Please talk about the your preferred way to acquire textbooks and talk about the benefits of buying new or used or renting through your perspective and touching on these talking points below!
Buy New Textbooks
· You get cash back with the Buyback program
· Get free express shipping on new textbooks
· Easier to keep for longer periods of time and to use for future reference. (Especially handy for future lawyers, doctors, nurses, etc.)

Buy Used Textbooks
· Savings – save up to 90% on used and new textbooks
· Margin notes from previous owners may offer additional insight in your topic of study

Rent Textbooks
· Flexible rental periods – can extend the rental period if you need the book longer or buy it at the end of the rental period if you want to keep it
· You want to give the book back at the end of the term
· You care about the environment and want to diminish your impact by recycling

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