Black Box Vs. GlassBox

Request by Stash

INT. INFINITE, WHITE SPACE - DAY The camera moves in slowly towards a black box on a white background. VOICE-OVER Black-box investing services can be ominous and mysterious. A GLASS BOX walks into frame. VOICE-OVER (CONT’D) That’s why we’re not one. The Glass Box bumps the black box and it flies out of frame and the background transforms into a Pastel color (a color from the Stash palette). VOICE-OVER (CONT’D) We believe you should know what’s happening in your investment accounts. One by one, COLORFUL BALLS begin appearing in the clear box. VOICE-OVER That’s why we’re here to help you create a portfolio as unique as you. Each ball has a different investment type written it: “Wireless Wonders, Defending America, Clean & Green, American Innovators, Slow & Steady, Moderate Mix, Blue Chips, Delicious Dividends, Roll with Buffett, Do The Right Thing, Global Citizen, Water the World, Uncle Sam, All that Glitters, Equality Works, Young Money, Park My Cash, Copy The Experts (let me know if you need more)" VOICE-OVER Because you’re smart enough to make your own choices. After all, it is your money. These balls fill up the glass box all the way to the top. CUT TO END CARD: GRAPHIC: STASH LOGO VOICE-OVER Stash. Start investing today for as little as $5. TEXT: START INVESTING TODAY FOR AS LITTLE AS $5 FADE TO BLACK

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