This Is What Pets Look Like at Mealtime (Cat)

Video Request by Freshpet

Freshpet is transforming the health of pets but pet parents are quickly noticing the satisfaction of, not only a healthy meal but, how much their pet’s love the taste and beg for more. They’re quickly establishing themselves as the most sensorially appealing pet food by making food with FRESH & REAL ingredients that smells, looks, and tastes amazing!

Freshpet is breaking conventions of what pet food is and pushing the industry of what pet food should and can be. They are looking to create content on social channels that showcase the Freshpet difference – fresh and real ingredients you can see, great smelling (breaking the conventional thought
of pet food smelling bad), and dog increased enjoyment at mealtime.

Objective of February videos:
Showcase pet’s enjoyment
 Example A: Showcase the pet’s reaction to pet owner saying “Oscar, are hungry?!”
 Example B: Showcase the pet’s reaction to pet owner going in fridge to grab Freshpet

Video Request Ended
This video request has ended and the sponsor is no longer accepting submissions
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2 - Edited
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YouTube style. Minimum 720P video resolution. Audio should be clear and Include editing as necessary.
Animals & Pets
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The following types of content are prohibited...

Animal Cruelty
Any depictions of cruelty to animals is prohibited
Include these sponsor approved assets in your work before submission as necessary

Real pet food, fresh from the fridge Visit Freshpet's channel

The following videos serve as examples of the types of videos that Freshpet is looking to sponsor. Your goal should be to match the quality, asthetic and tone of these videos unless the video request states otherwise.

Fresh is Best
Fresh is Best
Fresh is Best
Fresh is Best [#2]
Letters in Motion Animatic [#2]
Dogs ♥ Freshpet Vital Whole Blends Food Topper! [#2]
Dogs ♥ Freshpet Vital Whole Blends Food Topper! [#2]
Dogs ♥ Freshpet Vital Whole Blends Food Topper! [#2]
Dogs ♥ Freshpet Vital Whole Blends Food Topper!
That's What Pet Food Looks Like? [#5]
That's What Pet Food Looks Like? [#2]
Mealtime Madness [#5]